Flyer Checklist


Don't put everything in boxes, let alignment create the "box" around the text.

Don't set the same amount of space between all elements. If items are part of a unit, group them closer together.

Don't use hyphens to call out bullet points. Instead try using the characters from Zapf Dingbats or Wingdings

Don't center everything on the page then put small pieces of text in the corner.

Avoid a gray, boring page. Add contrast.

Watch the line breaks. There is no need to break lines at awkward places or to hyphenate unnecessarily.


Use a large headline.

Use large clip art, scanned images

Use an interesting typeface in a big way.

Crop a photograph or clip art into a long narrow shape; place it along the left edge; align the text flush left or place the art along the right edge and align the text flush right.

Set your text in several columns, flush left.