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As an agent working for Titan Travel, one of the biggest travel agencies in the world, you are aware that the company is in serious financial trouble. Previously, their biggest clients were large corporations which booked numerous trips throughout the year and accounted for over 50% of Titan's business. Times have changed and corporate travel has been drastically reduced, resulting in a huge loss of income.

As one of the most successful agents at Titan Travel, you decide to use this opportunity to persuade the CEO that you can turn the company around if he will let you create a Family Vacation Division. Convincing him won't be easy but with your creativity and technological skills, you believe you can do it.

In order to make your point, you invite local families as well as your CEO, to attend a presentation. It highlights a vacation which includes places and activities that both adults and children will enjoy and shows them in an intriguing and provocative way. Families would be rewarded for attending by making them eligible to win a dream vacation and the CEO would be rewarded by having a whole new client base!