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The Task

Your advertising team will need to research the products included in the new Above and Beyond product line and select only one to base your portfolio around. If the advertising of this one product is accepted, and your agency is chosen, then all other products in the line can be designed around this main theme during the next three years.

You will need to create a slogan and design a logo for the new Above and Beyond product line. Also, you will need to create business cards and letterhead that incorporate this logo and slogan for the company's new line.

Your largest and most important task will be to create a logo and slogan for the one product from the line that you have decided to center your portfolio around, and then select and design the media displays for advertising this product. You will need to decide as a team the best ways to use the various types of media for advertising this product (ex. packaging, flyers, brochures, newspaper/magazine/catalog ads, commercial/infomercial, Web site).

Finally, you will need to create a PowerPoint presentation for Ima Bigwig at Beyond Average, Inc. that will visually demonstrate your portfolio ideas.



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