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Timeline of the History of Detroit and the
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The CDV - Books
Popular Sovereignty

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Popular Sovereignty - The power of the government comes from the people. The people can voice their power by voting.


coverAmelia Bedelia Runs 4 Mayor Book and Tape by Herman Parish

Visit to purchase this book or the see more information.

Woodrow for President: A Tail of Voting, Campaigns, and Elections
by Peter W. Barnes, Cheryl Shaw Barnes (Illustrator)

Becki Dios writes: "This is the cutest book about the Presidential Election Process ever! The Barnes' have done it! Teachers should run to get this book and prepare for the fall to teach about the election as it draws closer! The way the book is set up, it goes through every step of the election process in a simple yet clear and complete manner. As a third grade teacher, I will use this book and many others written by the Barnes' to teach my class about the governmental process. I think that children will be amused and at the same time learn a great deal of political information! Enjoy!"

coverEllis Island (True books, American Symbols)
By Patricia Ryon Quiri Ages 9-12
Numerous black-and-white and full-color archival and contemporary photographs illustrate the text. A brief annotated list of Web sites and links to information about Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty are also included. See for more details.





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