Sample files for Creating a Vignette

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Shown above is the original image (the size has been reduced and the image was optimized for the web.).

You can save this file to your computer for practice or download my Photoshop Elements file to see the layers.

Photoshop Elements File.

I used the Oliptical Marquee tool to select the section of the image I wanted. I set Feather (found in the Marquee tool bar) to 10. You can try setting the feather to a larger or smaller number. I then copied and pasted the sellection. That created a new layer. I hid the other layers and then saved the image for the web.

Next I used the blur tool to blur the bushes in the background. That brings your eye to what is in focus the young couple.

In this version I used the same steps except I used the Retangular Marquee tool.


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