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Some of the most popular resources are:

Facts and Trivia about U. S. Presidents

Facts and Trivia about the First Ladies

Resources and Lessons on the Holocaust

Resources on Martin Luther King Jr. and Black History.

Timeline of the History of Detroit and the
History of Michigan.

Photos of Lumbering in Michigan

Workshops and Tutorials



Core Democratic Values

Index of Resources

Definitions of the Core Democratic Values

Books to help you teach the Core Democratic Values

Websites for information on the Core Democratic Values

Lesson Ideas - a small but hopefully growing list of lesson ideas on the CDV's. Send me your lesson idea.

Documents from US History that support the Core Democratic Values. (You will need Acrobat Reader to access these two documents.) This document was originally published on the Michigan Framework CD that was distributed to all school districts in Michigan. I have placed it here in case the CD Rom is not available. There is also a set of activities from the same CD.

Learning Gizmos
Sent me two books to review Core Democratic Values Resource for Lower Elementary and the same title for Upper Elementary. They are based on a cartoon character named value man. They contain activities on the CDV's that you can duplicate for your students. They each contain about 27 activities ranging from word searches to drawing activities. For more information visit their web site or call them at 800-647-1234.






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