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Books for elementary students featuring special children:

Special People, Special Ways
by Arlene Maguire, Sheila Bailey

This fun-to-read, beautifully illustrated rhyming book talks about children with disabilities in a positive way. It helps kids understand that they are all special, no matter what physical limitations they may have. It teaches ALL children respect for others, including those that look different. This is the only full-color picture book I could find on disabilities

Someone Special, Just Like You By Tricia Brown, Fran Ortiz (Photographer)

An Amazon reader writes:

I volunteered to put together a group of books for my daughter's preschool (ages 3 1/2-4) which dealt with the topic of diversity and disabilities. I have ordered and read about 15-20 children's books on the subject of children with handicaps. By far this was the very best one that I came across. It had beautiful photographs of children with all types of disabilities and the message in this book (unlike several others which I read) was 100% positive. What I mean by this is that while some other books on disabilities may deliver a message that says "don't be mean, or tease children with disabilities" , etc., this one was totally focused on all children as being lovable and worthwhile people -- very focused on only a positive message. I really enjoyed it and my daughter's class also did. The message is simple, straightforward and very warm. Compared to other books on the subject, this one really was written at a good level for the 3-4 age group.

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