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Welcome to our website. We hope to use the Internet to share ideas about teaching and learning. The main focus of this site is to provide resources for students and teachers. We hope you and your students have fun and learn from using these resources. We have also added a page on things, electronic, print and others items that I have purchased on-line and would recommend to others.

Some of the most popular resources are:

Facts and Trivia about U. S. Presidents

Facts and Trivia about the First Ladies

Resources and Lessons on the Holocaust

Resources on Martin Luther King Jr. and Black History. Also see the new section on Black History.

NEW Historical Tidbits - Interesting events and people in U.S. History.

Student created website on the murder of Emmett Till.

Timeline of the History of Detroit and the
History of Michigan.

Photos of Lumbering in Michigan .

Additional Resources:

Lewis and Clark Expedition
Lesson Plans, internet resouces and references for students and teachers.

Detroit Triva
Fun facts, historical dates, and information about Detroit, Michigan.

Teaching about the Core Democratic Values
Ideas and resources on the CDV's.

Letter Writing
Whenever we have a guest in our classroom we have the students write a thank you letter to the guest. We do this in the form of a friendly letter, business letter, or a thank you note. We require the students to do a final copy in ink. Directions for a friendly letter. Also look at our guide to business letters.

The Underground RR
Lesson ideas and resources for elementary students.

Includes handouts, links and additional information about workshops I have presented.

The Gold Rush an outside resource on the Gold Rush.



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