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Titan Trekkers requires several blocks of time to complete. If it is being done in a Desktop Publishing course, it can be used as culminating activity assuming the students previously learned all of the components (using a drawing program, PowerPoint, etc.). The flyer requires two days in a computer lab and several days working independently. The presentation needs a minimum of two weeks (daily) in a computer lab, which includes doing the research and putting the project together.

The projects can also be separated and tied into specific curriculum areas. For instance, students in sixth grade social studies can eliminate the flyer, do research and make a more limited PowerPoint presentation on country choices related to their course of study.

Essential Skills for Teachers

In order for this WebQuest to succeed the teacher must:

It is also essential for the teacher to have an exemplary example of what each finished product should look like. It not only gives the students a clear picture of what is expected, it also gives them something to strive for.

Additional teacher notes are highlighted in italics throughout the "Process".


Part 1 - Flyer
Part 2 - Presentation
Part 3 - Narration

Working in groups of three you will design a flyer and create and narrate a PowerPoint presentation. Groups can be organized randomly (i.e. giving out numbers and grouping those that are the same) or grouped heterogeneously by both intellectual and creative ability.

Part 1: Flyer

Each member of the group will design his/her own flyer which will provide information about your travel presentation. By creating different flyers you get several opportunities to attract atention to your cause and entice people to attend.

Your flyer should:

It would be helpful to print out the do's and don'ts so students can refer back to it as they are working.

Part 2: Presentation

Each member of the group will be responsible for gathering information. Divide the topics below evenly among the three of you and use notecards to record all your facts. (Make sure to follow the guidelines for notecards outlined in your study skills book.) In addition, you will each need to create a folder in which to save pictures related to your topic.

Web Sites you can use:

After collecting all your information you are ready to create your slide show. The presentation should contain no less than 12 or more than 15 slides and must include the following:

In order to make the presentation as persuasive as possible the text should be:

In order to make the presentation as interesting and exciting as possible you will also need to include:

Use the PowerPoint Checklist to check your work when you are done.

It would be helpful to print out the PowerPoint Checklist so students can easily refer to it as they are proofing their presentations.

Part 3: Narration

Now that your presentation has been completed, decide who will make the presentation, although each person should be prepared to answer questions.

To communicate well, be sure that you