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This Advertising WebQuest was created for an 8th grade computer class where every student has access to a computer.

Students will need to be familiar with desktop publishing programs such as Paint, MS Word, MS Publisher, HyperStudio, MS PowerPoint, Web editors, etc. They should have a good grasp of using the many functions of each program.

Students can be grouped into threes in a variety of ways for this WebQuest; by ability levels, strengths for each of the jobs, or randomly.

This WebQuest is designed to last from 4-6 weeks with at least one period a day in the computer lab. Students will need this amount of time to look at resources and complete the full WebQuest. However, the WebQuest is broken down into phases, so students who have less time in the computer lab on a weekly basis can be assigned only certain phases for their team to complete. The final phase should always remain a part of any shortened WebQuest because it is the forum where students will tie all of their work together within their advertising portfolio and then must present or "sell" it.

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