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Math Lesson: Gather food ads for Thanksgiving foods, turkey, cranberries, potatoes etc. You may even wish to bring in cans of foods for the students to examine. Then give them a budget and have them us their math skills to plan their meal for a family of four. They will need to do multiplication for the turkey, and other produce as well as addition. Or give them a larger meal for 12 and have them convert simple recipes for 4 or 8 to a recipe for 12. You can easily set the task to the skill level of your students.

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For activities for young children (Grades K-4) about Thanksgiving.


What are your students thankful for this Thanksgiving. Bring in a two to four foot bare branck of a tree. One with several forks in the branhes works best. Cut out leaves in Fall colors from constuction paper. Make the leaves three to five inches in size. Have the students write one thing they are thankful for and tape the leaves to the bare branches. You can create a bulletin board using die cuts of turkeys or leaves and the students comments on each turkey of leaf.

Last Modified: Thursday, January 1, 2004