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Michigan Time Line 1900's






1901 the Tigers first official American League game. A standing room only crowd was anticipated at Bennett Park

1904 Buick Motor Company was founded in Flint, Mi.

1906 Lumbering of second growth forest in the UP begins.

1907 The Detroit Tigers win the first of three pennants. Ty Cobb is the star of the times.

1911 Detroit Tiger, Ty Cobb, finished with a personal-best batting average of .420.

1912 The Detroit Tigers moved into their new ballpark, named after Frank Navin

1913 The Western Federation of Miners called a strike of 13,500 Upper Peninsula copper miners. Violence and bloodshed result from the demand for an 8 hour day and a minimum wage of $3.50 per hour. Strikers also want to do away with the “widow maker,” a one-man drill.

1914 - Henry Ford announced the $5.00 minimum wage for an 8 hour day.

1918 - Michigan had 135,485 men involved World War I.

1919 - Michigan ratifies the 18th Admendment. (Prohibition)

1920 - Radio station WWJ in Detroit begins service of daily programs.

1926 Howard Boston starts sail loft in Mt. Clemens, Michigan to make ice boat sails.

1928 - First all metal dirigible is flown at the Grosse Ile Airport. It was built for the US Navy.

1930 - Michigan's population reachers 4,842,325. That is an increase of 1,170,00 since 1920. 62% of the people live in urban areas.

1932 - Governor William A. Comstock called for a “banking holiday” to avoid a run on the banks during the depression.

1935 The Detroit Tigers took six games to defeat the Chicago Cubs in the 1935 World Series.

1936 - Flint sit down strike. Over 150,000 workers in 60 plants and 14 states go on strike against GM.

1936 - Ty Cobb becomes one of the first players selected for the newly formed Baseball Hall of Fame.

1938 Detroit Ice Yacht Club forms on Lake St. Clair. This is the first of four ice yacht clubs in metropolitan Detroit by the 1950's

1945 - The Tigers win the World Series betting the Cubs in seven games.

1945 - Private Eddie Slovik becomes the only U.S. serviceman executer for desertion in WWII.

1946 - Lake Superior State College is established in Sault Ste. Marie.

1947 - Walter Ruther became president of the United Auto Workers (UAW).

1952 - The Detroit Lions won their first of three championships in football. They won in 1953 and 1957. They have never been to the Super Bowl.

1957 - The Mackinac Bridge is completed linking the upper and lower penninsula.

1964 - William Clay Ford buys the Detroit Lions for 6 million dollars.

1964 - Michigan's first astronaut commands the Gemini IV mission.

1967 - Race riots take place in Detroit.

1967 - Michigan becomes the first state to have a border-to-border interstate freeway.

1968 - The Detroit Tigers won the World Series against the Cardinals. Mickey Lolich pitched the club to three wins.

1973 First intercontinental ice yacht regatta, the inaugural DN Gold Cup, sailed on Gull Lake, Michigan.

1974 - Gerald R. Ford, former congressman from Grand Rapids became the 38th President of the United States. He is the first President from Michigan. http://www.classroomhelp.com/lessons/Presidents/ford.html

1981 - William G. Milliken becomes Michigan's longest serving governor. He served for 14 years.

1982 - Martha Griffiths became the first woman elected to the post of Lieutenant Governor.

1982 - Super Bowl XVI is held at the Pontiac Silverdome.

1984 - The Detroit Tigers defeated the Padres, four-games-to-one, in the World Series. The Tigers became the first major league team since the 1955 Dodgers to hold first place from the start of the season until the end of the season. .

1987 - Singer Aretha Franklin becomes the first female inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


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