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Web Resources for Teachers and Students

The sites found listed on these pages were evaluated by us and we think they are excellent sites for students. You should always evaluate web sites before you use them in your classroom.

Social Studies - Links to web sites and lessons.

Language Arts Sites - Activities, lessons, and more.

Classroom Tools - Sites that provide resources for your classroom.

Search Pages - Tried Google and Yahoo and are ready for something new? Try these new search sites and you may find one you like.

Alan November's Web Site
Alan's site contains information on educational reform, grant writing, and informational literacy.

Rate My Teachers.com

This unique site allows students to evaluate their hight school teachers in three areas on a scale for one to five. Check out the site to see if you are rated.

Kathy Schrock
Kathy Schock has two web site. Her school.discovery.com site is the most famous. For her latest presentation check this site.

Links for K-12 Technology Bench Marks

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