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A little less than a year ago, you and two friends decided to take the leap and open your own company. It took a lot of thought, work, and money but finally the three of you were able to open the company of your dreams, the Advantage Advertising Agency. However, the past year hasn't been easy and you have struggled to stay afloat among the fierce competition out there.

Then, today the phone rings and Ima Bigwig, the CEO of Beyond Average, Inc., one of the largest, multi-million dollar Industries in America is calling. She explains that she has recently seen some of your agency's work and is very impressed. She would like to hire your small company to create an advertising portfolio for a new product line called Above and Beyond that they will be marketing. And just when you think that your luck couldn't possibly get any better, she explains that if she chooses your company to represent their new product line, she will sign a 3-year contract giving you full rights to all advertising for the new line! Is this your lucky day or what?!

After flying on cloud nine all morning, reality begins to set in and your realize that this advertising campaign could make or break your company. If you gain this account the positive publicity, (not to mention the money you will make over the next three years,) could send your company to the top of the Advertising Top 10 list. But if you lose the account, there might be bad publicity which could result in your company going under.

You decide that your team must keep a positive outlook. The three of you are excellent advertisers and all you have to do is take this one step at a time. Create a plan, and stay focused on each task until it is completed. You can design the best portfolio you have ever created and win this account!


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