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Photos from Michigan's History

Lumber Page 1
Axe cutting and Rollways

Lumber Page 2
Big Wheels

Lumber Page 3
Blacksmiths and buildings

Lumber Page 4
Buildings and lumber camps.

Lumber Page 5
Buildings and camps

Lumber Page 6
Business, money, stores.

Lumber Page 7
Modern images and pictures of lumberjack camps.

Lumber Page 8
Gates, Dams, and Horse sleds with lumber

Lumber Page 9
Horse sleds and lumber

Lumber Page 10
Horse sleds and lumber

Lumber Page 11
Bunk houses, Early hydrolic equipment, and the interior of some sawmills.

Lumber Page 12
Using the railroad to transport logs.

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Blacksmith Photos: Blacksmiths were important in the lumberjack camps. They kept the wagons in repair and the horses shod.

Blacksmith at anvil.

Blacksmith in his shop.

Blacksmith shoeing horse ouside his shop.


Chimmney made out of wood and lined with clay and mud, so it could be pushed off in order to minimize fire damages to the house. Sod roof. Sleigh on left side. Probably a large circular fireplace inside building/chimney propped above the fireplace.


Photograph of typical lumber camp. Perhaps Stephen's Lumber Company, Otsego, MI.


Photograph of logging camp. Location not identified.

Photograph of a lumbering camp - includes women.

Photograph of a logging camp. Spring scene.

Portrait of lumber camp crew.


Photograph of lumber camp with view of cut over area.

D.M. McLeod Lumber Company headquarters, Camp Rexton, Rexton, MI.

Photograph of lumber camp, workers, wagon, and sharpening stone. Hariette.

The pictures above show images of Michigans lumbering industry in the 1890's through the 1920's. Millions of trees were cut and shipped to markets through out the world.

Lumber Page 13
Log Marks and log piles.

Lumber Page 14
Log salvage, log slides, and maps

Lumber Page 15
Mess Halls

Lumber Page 16
Mess Halls

Lumber Page 17
Oxen teams and river scenes.

Lumber Page 18
Camp pictures.

Lumber Page 19
and general pictures.

Lumber Page 20
Ice sprinklers and sawmills.

Lumber Page 21
Saw crews and shipping

Lumber Page 22
Storage pens and tools.


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