Events in the History of Detroit that took place in January:


1 - 1920 "Palmer Raids" led to arrest of Bolshviks.

2 - 1862 The City of Detroit taxed all market wagons.

4 - In 1642 the Catholic missionaries published the "Jesuit Relations." It contained records of their explorations. It also included information on plants, animals and the people living in Michigan.

5 - 1888 Last train service at the Michigan Central Depot with the departure of the last Amtrak Train #353.
- 2006 The Detroit School Board makes a plan to close up to 47 schools in the Detroit Public School system. This is the largest number of schools closed in a city in the history of the United States.

6 - 1914 - Over 10,000 men sought employment at Highland Park's Ford plant to earn $5.00 a day.

11 - 1805 The Michigan Territory is established with Detroit as the capital.

12 - 1667 A treaty with the Iroquois was signed by the French. It allowed the French to explore what was later to become Michigan.

14 - 1669 Jolliett became the first European to see Detroit.

17 - 1983 The downtown J.L. Hudson store closed for good.

18 - 1802 Territorial Governor Arthur St. Clair approved the charter incorporating the City of Detroit.

20 - Detroit Edison Company was incorporated.

21 - 1893 First train arrived at new Fort Street Union Depot.

22 - 1881 State Telephone System went into operation.

23 - 1934 Colleges of the City of Detroit changed its name to Wayne University.

24 - 1921 Harry Sleizinger was killed in whiskey raids.

26 - 1837 Michigan admitted to the Union as a state. Detroit was its first capital.

27 - 1883 Incandescent lights first used in Detroit in Metcalf's dry goods store.

28 - 1959 Detroit police patrol cars were racially integrated.

30 -1860 First post office building in Detroit opened.

31 - 1849 New fort named in honor of General Anthony Wayne.

- 1933 "The Lone Ranger" was first broadcast on WXYZ AM (1270).

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