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Skill: Practice in writing a friendly letter.

Even though we now communicate electronically, students still need to learn the basics of letter writing. In this assignment students will write to service men and women stationed over seas. This is a very nice activity to do before Thanksgiving or Christmas because no one likes to be away from home at the holidays. In addition, students love to receive letters. Below are addresses from Dear Abby for writing to people in the armed services around the world.


  1. Introduce assignment and review the format for a friendly letter.
  2. Discuss with students what they may wish to say in a letter to someone in the service.
  3. Students write a first copy.
  4. Peer and/or teacher review.
  5. Addressing envelopes (a review of what should go on the envelope will help save envelopes).
  6. Mail the letters and wait for replies.

Suggestion: Have the returned letters sent to you at the school. I suggest this for two reasons. First, some parents may not like having a stranger having their home address. Secondly, the students will be able to share their letters by reading them to the class.

For Europe and Southwest Asia:
Any Service Member
Operation Dear Abby
APO AE 09135
For the Mediterranean Basin:
Any Service Member
Operation Dear Abby
FPO AE 09646
For the Far East:
Any Service Member
Operation Dear Abby
APO AP 96285  
For the Pacific Basin:
Any Service Member
Operation Dear Abby
FPO AP 96385

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