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12/24/2006 - Michigan Images
Pictures of lumbering in Michigan. You can download these images for use in classroom projects.

2/25/2006 - Detroit Triva Fun facts, historical dates, and information about Detroit, Michigan. This is in progress and more will be added weekly.

2/20/2006 - Added various quotes to the President's trivia section. This is a work in progress and will take several weeks.

8/5/04 - Added more to the President's trivia section and to Things I have Bought on-line. Check out my new ball point pen flash drive.

5/5/04 - I have started to add a section on First Ladies of the United States.

4/27/04 - Added more information to the resources on U.S. Presidents.

4/20/04 - Things I have bought on-line. Just for fun I am posting some of the things I have bought on-line that I really like.

1/20/04 - Check out our new "Tid Bits on the Web". This is a "web blog" that I will be posting to on a weekly basis. I hope it will interest you.

12/24/03 - Presidential Trivia and lessons on the US Presidents.

12/16/03 - Reources for students and teachers on the major US Holidays.

11/31/03 - New lesson on using the Internet in the classroom.

11/31/03 - Added more infromation on using Photoshop Elements.

11/7/03 - Added a new section to the Photoshop Elements Section and links to patriotic moves under CDV's.

11/2/03 - Added information about Presidents' Day to the Holiday Page.

10/16/03 - Additional web links on the holidays were added to the site.

9/30/03 - Added additional books to the Holocaust book recommendations for school use.

9/25/03 - Added book titles to new Core Democratic Value Areas.

9/20/03 - Lesson Ideas on the Core Democratic Values.

9/15/03 - Two new webquest.Titan Treckers and Advantage Advertising

9/1/2003 - Resources for teaching about the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

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