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Lewis and Clark Expedition

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I am beinging a entirely new section on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. I began today, May 12, 2012 and will be working on it the next few weeks. I be glad to hear what questions you have or information you need so I can include it on the site. The new pages can be accessed here. I hope to provide a lot more information and make sure all the links work.


Lewis and Clark
PBS OnLine
An extensive site based on the film The Journey of the Corps of Discovery. You can use this site without purchasing the video. The contents of the site include: biographies of all of the members of the expedition, articles on the Native Americans tribes that the expedition encountered, and lesson plans for classroom use.

National Archives Digital Classroom
Teaching with primary sources
This site is very unique. It offers lesson plans based on digital images of the original documents related to the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Some the documents featured include:

  • President Thomas Jefferson's confidential message to Congress concerning relations with the Indians
  • List of Indian presents purchased by Meriwether Lewis

These are three of the 11 documents provided. At the bottom of the page are the links to the lessons and worksheets.

Lewis and Clark's Historic Trail
The site includes interactive maps, timelines, journals, biographies and a did you know section.

Lewis & Clark: Mapping the West
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
An excellent site. One outstanding feature is the section on cartography. The lessons and resources will help your students understand not only how to use maps, but also how maps are made. Don't miss some of the interactive features where you can rotate some of the artifacts. (Example:

Education World

This web site has information on the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis & Clark Expedition, with suggestions for learning activities. It also presents both historical information and teaching suggestions on such related topics as the Gold Rush and the Transcontinental Railroad. Good page for information on the significance of the Frontier and the Westward Movement for the growth of the modern American nation.

WebQuests on Lewis and Clark

On the Trail with Lewis and Clark - WebQuest

Students role play being a botanist, zoologist, anthropologist and geographer as they follow the same route as Lewis and Clark.

Adventure into the Unknown - WebQuest

Description from the site: This WebQuest has been designed as a tool to bring students to a better understanding of the Lewis and Clark expedition. By each member of a group of four students taking on a different role, students will become knowledgeable about one aspect of the expedition. After they have researched their specific topic, the indian affairs expert, botanist, voodooist, and topographer will come together in order to create a collaborative final project: a game tracing the expedition.

This WebQuest has an outstanding teacher section.

Go West, young Men -WebQuest
This is a good short WebQuest for elementary students. The description from the WebQuest:
"The object of your mission is to explore the Missouri River & such principal stream of it as by it's course and communication with the waters of the Pacific ocean, whether the Columbia, Oregon, Colorado, or any other river."

Journey to the Unknown: Looking at our past to solve problems today as we plan for the future.
This is a WebQuest for high school students. The WebQuest has students examine the Lewis and Clark expedition and relate it to our exploration of space.

Additional Sites

Lewis and Clark Interactive Adventure
National Geographic
Provides an interactive adventure for students. They travel the trail with Lewis and Clark. This site is both entertaining and educational. It would be a great home activity for parents and students to explore together.

The Louisiana Purchase Exhibit, National Archives and Record Administration

Original materials concerning the Louisiana Purchase.

Who was Sacagawea, and how did she aid the expedition?
From PBS
Background information on Sacagawea. Contains audio segments from historians commenting on her role in the expedition.

Lewis and Clark Internet Resources from MOREnet
This resource focuses on the expedition as it traveled through Missouri. Although its main focus is on Missouri, the site has information on the entire expedition.

Discovering Lewis and Clark

This is a highly interactive site with resources and information on the journey. Your students will enjoy exploring this site.

The Lewis and Clark Journey of Discovery
National Park Service
Recommended by a fellow teacher. Contains detailed information as well as an area with lesson ideas for teachers and an area for students with quizzes and games. Later elementary and middle school teachers should take a look at this site.

Pedaling Lewis & Clark
Barrett Golding and Josef Verbanac biked the Lewis & Clark Trail in two three-week installments during the summers of 2001 and 2002. They called their two-thousand-mile trip “The Great Pains and Accuracy Tour,” after Thomas Jefferson’s instructions to Lewis and Clark to explore the Missouri River and to document what they found with “Great pains and accuracy.”

They provided Living on Earth with interviews of people who live and work along the route today. To learn more, click the towns in the map above.
They provide audio clips of their journey and the interviews.

Lewis and Clark for Kids: Their Journey of Discovery with 21 Activities

Lewis & Clark - The Journey of Discovery


Lewis and Clark - The Journey of Discovery

Going Along with Lewis and Clark

Animals on the Trail with Lewis and Clark


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