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The Commond Good

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Common Good-People should work together for the good of all. The government should make laws that are good for everyone.

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coverby Heather Forest, Susan Gaber (Illustrator)
Forest and Gaber (previously paired for The Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies; The Baker's Dozen) revisit this oft-told tale to demonstrate the pleasures of collaboration and mutual generosity. Two hungry travelers, denied food by the inhabitants of a mountain village, publicly declare that they can make soup from a stone. Only they need a carrot... and a potato... and a few more ingredients to make it taste really good. Everyone in the town contributes something, pronounces the soup delicious and learns the magic behind it: sharing.Visit for more information.

coverThe River Ran Wild (4-8) Lynne Cherry

"I used this book with my third grade class when they were studying the effects of water pollution on a large body of water. They had already studied Native Americans in second grade and this book just blended the two subjects together. The step by step portrayal of man's harm to the Nashua River helped my children learn about how they were harming the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Lynne Cherry is a fantastic author and presents two great subjects that are highly interesting to children. Any teacher that teaches either Native Americans or water pollution should include this book in their lessons!" A River Ran Wild: An Environmental History


Miss Nelson Is Missing!
by Harry G. Allard (Author), James Marshall (Illustrator)

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cover Miss Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse
by Kevin Henkes (Author)


The Lorax
by Dr. Seuss

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Just a Dream by Chris Van Allsburg (Author)

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Eleanor by Barbara Cooney

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City Green
by DyAnne DiSalvo-Rya

Kindergarten-Grade 3-There is a garbage-filled, vacant lot on the street where Marcy lives. Instead of growing flowers in coffee cans like they usually do each spring, she and her friend Miss Rosa decide to plant a garden there. Old Man Hammer, who used to live in the building that was torn down, believes that they're getting their hopes up for nothing, but Marcy and Miss Rosa lease the spot from the city.

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coverMiss Rumphius
by Barbara Cooney (Illustrator)

Deciding in childhood that she would seek adventure in faraway places, Miss Rumphius fulfills her dream and then has one more thing to do--something to make the world more beautiful.


cover Officer Buckle and Gloria (Caldecott Medal Book, 1996)
by Peggy Rathmann (Illustrator)

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