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Truth: They should expect and demand that the government not lie to them and the government should disclose information to the people. The government and its people should not lie.

coverNothing but the Truth by Avi

This book tells about a young man who hums the National Anthem in class. The teacher sends him to the office and he is sent home. The book then tells the story from the point of view of the student, the teacher, the newspaper writer, and the school board. It illustrates how there are different views of what the truth is. A very good book to foster discussion about what is the truth. Good fo middle school and up.Learn more about Nothing but the Truth: A Documentary Novel on


cover Abe Lincoln's Hat by Martha Brenner

A far cry from the reverent tone of most children's books on Lincoln, this short, anecdotal biography actually humanizes him. Lincoln is shown as a struggling and somewhat disorganized lawyer who makes his way through goodwill and good sense. The book begins with his purchase of a tall black hat. Later, a group of boys rig up a high wire and knock it off his head, scattering the important papers he kept inside. Courtroom stories include Lincoln proving which man owned a young horse by letting the colt loose to go to its mother and his defense of a slave's right to be granted freedom in Illinois, a free state. For more information on Abe Lincoln's Hat, visit


coverA Day's Work by Eve Bunting

Francisco, trying to find work for his grandfather, or abuelo, who has just arrived from Mexico, acts as a liaison between Abuelo, who doesn't speak English, and Ben, who wants to hire a gardener for a day's work. Eager to earn the badly needed pay, Francisco assures Ben that his grandfather is a skilled gardener (Abuelo is in fact a carpenter). Returning at the end of the day, Ben is shocked to discover that Francisco and Abuelo stripped his field of the plants and left the weeds. Abuelo is also angered, learning only now that Francisco had lied to Ben, and refuses payment until they have done the job correctly. Recognizing the older man's integrity, Ben rewards Abuelo and Francisco with the promise of "more than just one day's work." For more information on aADay's Work, visit





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