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Google Analytics

Part of the learning is understanding

  • why people visit your site how people find your site
  • what pages do they visit
  • how long they stay on your site
  • are they new or returning visitors
  • their location
  • did they find the site via search or a direct link
  • what search words did they use to find your site

Google analytics will help you answer many of those questions. Google Analytics is free.

Visit http://www.google.com/analytics/ to sign up for a free account. The site also has tutorials on using Analytics.

Below are a few screen shots of some of the information you can gather via Google Analytics:

This screen provides basic information about visiters over the past month.

Location of the visitors. (It show over 20, I just capture the top five.)

Visitors by day. You may view it by day, month or week. See if you are gaining or losing traffic.

Metric of the percentage of new vs. returning users.
Returning visitors are the green slice.

There is a wealth of information. This screen shot is showing the different mobile devices that
were used to access the site. (I think showing the image of the device is sort of neat.

Analytics has a new beta feature that shows a live view of your site.
These are two screen shots from the live view.

When I view the site there were twelve visitor with 8%
returning visitors.

The live view shows a lot of information
including what pages they are visiting.




  This page was updated: May 8, 2012