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The first step is to build a web site. (Blog or Wiki will also work.)

You must have a web site before you can apply for an Adsense account. (Once you have approval you will be able to use the same Adsense account on other web sites.) You should have a site with a good home page and then six or seven pages with supporting detail before you apply for an adsense account.

Where to Start:

  1. Topic: Find a topic of interest to your students or community. It could be on sports, hobbies, school topic, or your local community. Choose a topic you and your students will enjoy learning and writing about for you site. You may wish to work with another department on a subject based web site.
  2. Search the Internet to see what others have published. Can you do it better? Are their gaps in the topic? Do you have a new content or a new way to present it.
  3. Create a Plan: Outline your main topics and then any sub topics that you think others would be interested in reading about on your site. Sticky notes or software on your interactive white board would be a great way to visually design your site.
  4. Navigation: Design how people will navigate through your site. Remember that people don't always land on you home page. Make sure their are links to help them move through the site.
  5. Decide on layout, colors, placement of ads.
  6. Resource: This is a short guide to planning a web site.

Planning will save you time in the log run.

Once you plan is done:

  • Create a template it will save you a lot of time. Once you have a template you can then just add content to the template and use "Save as" to create a new page that already has the major features for the page done.
  • There is free software for creating web sites or some of you students may know how to use more advanced software.
  • You can create a site using Blogger. Blogger is owned by Google and they will accept that as your web site. Just make sure you ad content before you submit the site to adsense.
  • Other choices are BlueHost (Which I use.) or Weebley.com. Both are good.
  • Submit your site to Google Search. https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url?continue=/addurl&pli=1 This will enter your content into their search data base.

You should now be ready to submit your site to Adsense.

I would recommend that your site is host outside of any firewall. This will allow you to better track traffic and you won't have to worry about viruses or other issues using a school site. Make sure you have the administrations permission to do that.




  This page was updated: May 8, 2012