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The Louisiana Purchase
The Lewis and Clark

Louisiana Purchase


Facts About the Land Purchased

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Planning for the Journey

Meriwether Lewis

William Clark

Members of the "Corps of Discovery"

Supply List for the Expedition

Interesting Facts and Trivia about the Expedition

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The Lousiana Purchase and The Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • Cost $15,000,000 (That would be $223 million in 2011 dollars.)
  • The area contains 15 U.S. States and land in two Canadian Provinces
    • Arkansas
    • Missouri
    • Iowa
    • Oklahoma
    • Kansas
    • Nebraska
      • Parts of:
      • Minnesota
      • North Dakota
      • South Dakota
      • New Mexico
      • Texas
      • Montana
      • Wyoming
      • Colorado
      • Louisiana
    • Parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan

  • The populaion was 92,345 (Only included whites in the count.)
  • The U.S. purchase 828,000 square miles.
  • The cost was less than 3 cents and acre.
  • The land double the size of the United States at that time.

We hear and read about the Lewis and Clark expedition, but there were three expeditions.

  • 1904 The Lewis and Clark Expediton
  • 1806 The Red River Expedition
  • 1806 The Pike Expedition




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