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The Louisiana Purchase
The Lewis and Clark

Louisiana Purchase


Facts About the Land Purchased

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Planning for the Journey

Meriwether Lewis

William Clark

Members of the "Corps of Discovery"

Supply List for the Expedition

Interesting Facts and Trivia about the Expedition

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The Lewis and Clark Expedition

There were 33 members in the "Corps of Discovery." Two members, Reed and Newman were sent back after the first winter. They were charged with desertion and mutinous acts.

Meriwether Lewis
William Clark

Charles Floyd
Patrick Gass
John Ordway
Nathaniel Pryor

William Bratton
John Collins
John Colter
Pierre Cruzatte
Joseph Field
Reuben Field
Robert Frazer
George Gibson
Silas Goodrich
Hugh Hall
Thomas Proctor Howard
Francois LaBiche
Jean Baptiste LePage
Hugh McNeal
John Potts
George Shannon
John Shields
John B. Thompson
Peter M. Weiser
William Werner
Joseph Whitehouse
Alexander Hamilton Willard
Richard Windsor

Non-Military Members:
Toussaint Charbonneau
Jean Baptiste Charbonneau
Baptiste Deschamps
Pierre Dorion
George Drouillard

And Lewis Clark's dog seaman




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