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The Louisiana Purchase
The Lewis and Clark

Louisiana Purchase


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Lewis and Clark Expedition

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Planning The Lewis and Clark Expedition

Meriwether Lewis was put in charge of organizing the expedition by President Jefferson. The goals were to make friends with the Western Indians (Native Americans), establishing fur trading routes down the Mississippi, mapping the area and routes, and identify new plants and geographical areas. Jefferson propose 10 or 12 men in the party. They ended up with 33!

Jefferson asked congress for $2,500.00. It ended up costing $40,000.00.

Supply List - imagine packing for 33 people for a long, long trip.

He invited William Clark to be co-commanders of the expedition.

In March, 1803 Lewis went to Hapers Ferry, Virginia to start gathering equipment. He wanted to purchase rifles, and an iron boat frame.

The boat was two iron frames about 20' each and weighing 22 pounds. The two frames could be fitted together and covered with animal hides and pitch.

Lewis also went to Philadelpha and Washington, DC to get supplies and to study for his trip. He ended up with 3,500 pounds of equipment. (See the Supply List for all the items he gathered.

Lewis Meriwether also purchase a Newfoundland dog named Seaman.

On October 14, the keelboat, Lewis Meriwether and William Clark all arrived in Clarksville, Indiana to prepare for the trip.

Clark brought with him or they arrived in the next few days:

  • his slave named York
  • Nine young men from Kentuky
  • Joesph and Reubin Field
  • George Shannon
  • John Shields
  • Nathaiel Pryor
  • William Bratton
  • Charles Floy
  • George Gibson
  • John Colter

(View the entire company list.)

The expedition got started on October 27, 1803.

They went down the Ohio River to Massac, Illionios




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