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The Louisiana Purchase
The Lewis and Clark

Louisiana Purchase


Facts About the Land Purchased

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Planning for the Journey

Meriwether Lewis

William Clark

Members of the "Corps of Discovery"

Supply List for the Expedition

Interesting Facts and Trivia about the Expedition

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The Lewis and Clark Expedition

List of Supplies (In their original text)


Follow the related link to the actual documents from the National Archives.

Mathematical Instruments

Hadley's Quadrant
Mariner's Compass & 2 pole chain
Set of plotting instruments
Cheap portable microscope
Pocket compass
Brass scale (1ft in length)
Magnetic needles in small straight silver or brass cases opening on the side with hinges
Instrument for measuring made of tape with feet and inches marked on it
Set of planespheres
Artificial Horizons
Patent log
Papers of ink powder
Metal pens of brass and silver
Set of small slates & pencils
Creyons [not in the sense that we know, and that's how they spell it]
Sealing wax one bundle
1 Miller's edition of Lineus in 2 Vol
Books, Maps, Charts, Blank Vocabularies, Writing paper
1 Pair large brass money scales with two sets of weights

Arms & Accoutrements

15 Rifles
15 Powder Horns & pouches complete
15 Pairs of Bullet Moulds
15 d. of Wipers or Gun worms
15 Ball screws
24 Pipe Tomahawks
24 Large knives
Extra parts of locks & tools for repairing items
15 Gun slings
500 Best flints
200 lbs. Best rifle powder
400 lbs. Lead


15 3 pt. Blankets
15 Match Coats with Hoods & belts
15 Woolen Overalls
15 Rifle Frocks of waterproof Cloth if possible
30 Pairs of socks or half stockings
20 Fatigue frocks or hunting shirts
30 Shirts of strong linen
30 yds. Common flannel

Camp Equipage

6 Copper kettles (1 of 5 gallons, 1 of 3, 2 of 2, & 2 of 1)
35 Falling axes
4 Drawing knives, short & strong
2 Augers of the patent kind
1 Small permanent Vice
1 Hand vice
36 Gimblets assorted
24 Files
12 Chisels
10 Nails
2 Steel plate hand saws
2 Vials of Phosphorous
1 container of phosphorous made of allum & sugar
4 Groce fishing hooks assorted
12 Bunches of drum line
2 Foot adzes
12 Bunches of small cord
2 Pick axes
3 Coils of rope
2 Spades
12 Bunches of small fishing line assorted
1 lb. Turkey or Oil stone
1 Iron mill for grinding corn
20 yds. of oil linen for wrapping & securing articles
10 yds of thicker quality for covering and lining boxes
40 yds of strong cloth to form two half faced Tents or Shelters
4 Tin blowing trumpets
2 Hand or spiral sping Steelyards
20 yds strong Oznaburgs
24 Iron spoons
24 Pint tin cups (without handles)
30 Steels for striking or making fire
100 Flints
2 Frows
6 Saddlers large needles
6 Large awls
Mosquito curtains
2 Patent chamber lamps & wicks
15 Oil cloth bags for securing provision
1 Sea grass hammock

Provisions and Means of Subsistence

150 lbs. Portable soup
3 Bushels of allum or rock salt
Spices assorted
6 Kegs of 5 gallons each making 30 gallons of rectified spirits
6 Kegs bound with iron hoops

Native American Presents

5 lbs. White Wampum
5 lbs. White glass beads mostly small
20 lbs. Red beads assorted
5 lbs. of Yellow or Orange beads assorted
30 Calico shirts
12 Pieces of East India muslin handkerchiefs sprtiped or check'd with brilliant colors
12 Red silk handkerchiefs
144 Small sheap looking glasses
100 Burning glasses
4 Vials of Phosphorous
288 Steels for striking fire
144 Small cheap scissors
20 Pair large scissors
12 Groce needles assorted. 1 to 8 Common points.
12 Groce assorted with points for sewing leather.
288 Common brass thimbles
10 lbs. Sewing thread assorted
24 Hanks sewing silk
8 lbs. Red lead
2 lbs. Vermillion
288 Knives small such as are generally used for the Indian trade, with fox'd blades & handles inlaid with brass
36 Large knives
36 Pipe tomahawks
12 lbs. Brass wire assorted
12 lbs. Iron wire, generally large
6 Belts of narrow ribbons colours assorted
50 lbs. Spun tobacco
20 Small falling axes to be obtained in Tennessee
40 Fish giggs such as the Indians use with a single barbed point - at Harper's Ferry
3 Groce fishing hooks assorted
3 Groce Mockerson awls assorted
50 lbs. Powder secured in a keg covered with oil cloth
24 Belts of worsted feiret or gartering colours brilliant and assorted
15 Sheets of copper cut into strips of an inch in wideth & a foot long
20 Sheets of tin
12 lbs. Strips of sheet iron 1 inch wide and 1 foot long
1 Piece of red cloth second quality
1 Nest of 8 or 9 small copper kettles
100 Block-tin rings cheap kind ornamented with colored glass or mock-stone
2 Groces of brass curtain rings & sufficiently large for the finger
1 Groce cast iron combs
24 Blankets
12 Arm bands silver
12 Wrist bands
36 Ear trinkets
6 Groce drops of silver
4 dozen rings for fingers
4 Groces broaches of silver
12 Small medals

Means of Transportation

1 Keeled boat light strong at least 60 feet in length her burthen equal to 8 tons
1 Iron frame of canoe 40 feet long
1 Large Wooden canoe
12 Spikes for setting poles
4 Boat hooks & points complete
2 Chains and pad-locks for confining the boat & canoes
52 Pirogues (open boats)
Square sail (also called a broad sail)
35 Oars
2 Horses


15 lbs. of Best powder's bark
10 lbs. Epsom or Glauber Salts
4 oz. Calomel
12 oz. Opium
1.5 oz. Tartar emetic
8 oz. Borax
4 oz. Powdered Ipecacuana
8 oz. Powder Jalap
8 oz. Powdered Rhubarb
6 Best lancets
2 oz. White vitriol
4 oz. Lacteaum Saturni
4 Pewter Penis syringes
1 Flour of Sulphur
3 Clyster pipes
4 oz. Turlingtons Balsam
2 lbs. Yellow Bascilium
2 Sticks of Symple Diachylon
1 lb. Blistering Ointments
2 lbs. Nitre
2 lbs. Coperas

Books, Maps

Barton's Elements of Botany
Antoine Simon Le Page du Pratz's History of Louisiana
Richard Kirwan's Elements of Mineralogy
A Practical Introduction to Spherics and Nautical Astronomy
The Nautical Almanac and Astronomical Ephemeris
Afour-volume dictionary
Atwo-volume edition of Linnaeus (the founder of the Latin classification of plants)
Tables for finding longitude and latitude
Map of the Great Bend of the Missouri Rive

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