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KKK-Ku Klux Klan
By Jacob

KKK organizations in the United States have advocated extreme terrorism in the past. The present KKK is split into many groups and has been classified as a hate group. The first group flourished in the South in the 1860’s. But the group died out in the late 1870’s. The groups established a costume with a white robe, a white mask, and a very tall pointy hat designed to hide the identities of the persons wearing the costume. The second KKK group flourished nation-wide in the early 1920’s. Also the group established the same costume and code as the first KKK group in the 1860’s. Along with the the cosume, the second group established cross-burning. The third KKK group emerged after WW2 and was associated with opposing the Civil Rights Movement. The second and third groups of the KKK made frequent references to the United States Anglo-Saxon and Celtic blood, harking back to the 19th century nativism and claiming descent from the original 18th century British colonial revolutionaries. The first Klan was founded in Pulaski, Tennessee. In 1915 the second Klan was formed in a small town/city in Georgia. The second group expanded majorly because of the expansion of prosperity. The KKK caused terror across the United States but mostly in the South. In the second group's peak of membership, there were between 4,000,000-5,000,000 members in the 1920’s. But in the 1930’s the membership had dropped to 30,000 members or less.      


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