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Jim Crow Laws

Why Were Jim Crow Laws Created?

  • Jim Crow laws were created to separate black and white people from even the slightest bit if contact.

  • Back in 1810 white people thought that black people were put on this earth to work. They thought blacks didn’t deserve any respect. They thought of African-Americans as slaves, workers, and animals.

  • The Jim Crow Laws were legal and social restrictions that separated black people from white people beginning in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Traveling during The Jim Crow Era exposed African-Americans to both risk and humiliation. Crossing the Mason-Dixon Line or the Ohio River meant entering a different world with different laws.

  • The name Jim Crow was ironically, a white man’s imitation of a dancing and singing black stableman. As a result, the white performers gave the name to a system of segregation in the South. The Supreme Court ruled in 1896 in Plessey v. Ferguson that separate facilities for whites and blacks was constitutional. This form of discrimination took out the gains made by blacks during this time.

How did Jim Crow Laws Affect the lives of African-Americans and Caucasians (whites)?

Jim Crow Laws affected both African-Americans and Caucasians. African-Americans were mainly affected in unpleasant ways and a few Caucasians too. Most Caucasians were fond of the way life was under Jim Crow Laws, but some white people thought it was not right because they felt African-Americans were equal to them. African-Americans did not like the way of life and wanted to do things to fix it, but usually when they tried they suffered severe consequences. Even some Caucasians were murdered by their own people trying to help the African-Americans gain equality and respect. Jim Crow Laws basically prohibited the right for blacks and whites to share anything. It caused a lot of heartache for many people and all they wanted was to be treated equal as stated in the Constitution.

In the South, Jim Crow Laws were strongly enforced and the laws made it difficult for African- Americans to live. African-Americans wanted better lives and felt that they should travel to the North to get them. This traveling sometimes brought danger and risk to them. The reason for this is because most Caucasian settlers didn’t feel the African-Americans deserved a better life, so if they got the chance they might lynch an African-American if they felt they were doing something wrong. Also African-Americans could be stopped at any time and forced to answer questions as to why they were at a specific place at a specific time. There were even certain towns that warned African-Americans to not let the sun go down on them, basically threatening them that something could happen to them after it got dark. Many people decided to take the risk anyway and though some were hurt along the way, many made it to their destination and finally felt safe.

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