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Mississippi Trial, 1955 and Getting Away With Murder

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Getting Away With Murder
Informational book by Chris Crowe on the murder of Emmett Till

A True Story Of A Tragic Murder

Welcome to our section of the Emmett Till website. In this part of the website we have created questions based on the novel written by Professor Crowe, Mississippi Trial 1955. You will also find reflective questions that will hopefully make you think about what you’ve read. You’ll also find questions to think about from each chapter. In the study guide questions there are three questions from each of the 17 chapters, and in the reflective questions there are six questions for the whole book.

Emmett Till and his mother.
Source: www.emmetttillmurder.com


The cover of the novel, Mississippi Trial, 1955.

Source: http://babblingbrian.blogspot.com/2010/09/mississippi-trial-1955-by-chris-crowe.html

Picture of the courtroom of the Emmett Till Murder.

Source: http://inthemomentbookproject2011.wikispaces.com/Mississippi+Trial,+1955,+Sam+J

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