Emmett Till

Mississippi Trial 1955
Chris Crowe

Civil Rights Post 1955
Jim Crow


Civil Rights Post-1955

The Time America Cried

             In the summer of 1955, one black teenager’s tragic murder changed America. A teenager by the name of Emmett Till was murdered while on a vacation to Mississippi to visit some relatives. He was only in Mississippi for eight days before his body was found in the Tallahatchie River. Then at the trial the murderers were found innocent by a jury made entirely of white men from the Delta. This tragic event led to sit-ins, desegregation, the church that was bombed in Birmingham, and heroic people like Viola Gregg Liuzzo and Ruby Bridges.     

Civil rights movement at Little Rock for desegregation of schools.

Civil Rights Events After 1955

Bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church


Desegregation in Schools and Colleges

Rosa Parks and the Bus Boycott

Black Panthers Political Party

Viola Liuzzo


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