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Assassinations and Attempted Assassinations of U.S. Presidents
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Four U.S. Presidents have been Assassinated:

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • James Garfield
  • William McKinley
  • John Kennedy

Several Presidents have had attempts made to assassinate them:

In the the 1700's and most of the 1800's presidents did not have guards and secret service protection around the clock like presidents do today. In fact the is a story of a man who entered the White House and went up stairs and pounded on President Jackson's bedroom door. The noise woke others who took the man to the basement to hold him until morning. The man escape and was never found.

President Tyler was the first president to request protection. He had seen the attempt on Jackson's life and thought he needed it. At the time there was only one armed doorman at the north door of the White House. Congress granted him four men to protect the White House.

It was the choice of the president if he wanted protection or not. During the Civil War security was increased for Lincoln. After the war the decision was left to the president. Even after Lincoln and Garfield were assassinated it was up the president to decide if he wanted armed protection.

After the assassination of McKinley the Secretary of The Treasury made it official that the Secret Service would protect the president. In 1992 the White House Police Unit was form. They were later move to part of the Secret Service. The Secret Service now protects other members of the presidential family and others. These are some of the changes in who the Secret Service protects:

  • President elect - 1913
  • Presidents immediate family - 1917
  • Vice President - 1951
  • Vice President elect - 1962
  • Former Presidents and their wives - 1965
  • The widow of a former President until she remarries 1968
  • Former president's children until age 16 - 1968
  • Major presidential and vice-presidential candidates - 1968
  • Visiting heads of state and their spouses - 1971

The "Curse of Tippecanoe"

The curse began with William Harrison (Tippecanoe and Tyler Too) who died in 1841. He was elected in 1840. For a 120 years, every president elected in a year ending is zero died will serving in office. A zero is in an election every 20 years. The story is told that Tecumseh's older brother known as the Prophet set a curse on Harrison and future occupants of the White House in years that end with the same number as Harrison's election. He did this because of the treaty me of the Native Americans after a war. The curse was broken by Reagan (1980). He was shot but not killed. In 2000, George Bush was elected. There was an attempt against his life but he was not injured.


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