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Key Dates

1973 William Jefferson Clinton graduated from Yale Law School.

1976 Bill Clinton became Attorney General of Arkansas.

1978 William Clinton was elected Governor of Arkansas.

1992 Clinton was elected as President. Al Gore was his Vice President.

1995 Bomb destroyed the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, OK.

1996 Clinton ordered missile strikes on Iraq.

1996 Clinton is elected to a second term as U.S. President.

1997 Monica Lewinsky scandal hit the news.

1999 Congress acquitted Clinton in the impeachment trial.

William Jefferson Clinton
1993 - 2001
Forty-Second President

Bill Clinton was born in Hope, Arkansas on August 19, 1946.

Clinton was the only President born in Arkansas.

William Jefferson Clinton was named William Jefferson Blythe IV at birth. After his father's death, his mother married Roger Clinton. He began using his stepfather's last name while in grade school and formally changed his name to William Jefferson Clinton when he was 15.

His nickname as a child growing up in Arkansas was Bubba.

He collected books about presidents when he was younger.

As a delegate to Boys Nation, William Clinton met JFK when he was 17.

Bill Clinton ate Big Macs and Dukin Doughnuts. Some sources say Krispy Kremes which were featured in a movie about him.

Clinton was 6' 2" inches tall and weighed about 230 pounds.

President Clinton was the first President to be a Rhodes Scholar.

Bill Clinton's Vice President was Al Gore (1993-2001).

Bill Clinton's family brought a cat--Socks--from Arkansas when they moved into the White House. Socks was the first White House pet with a web site. He also had a Labrador Retriever named Buddy.

Bill Clinton was the first Democrat to win reelection since Franklin D. Roosevelt. (Truman had two terms but was elected only once.)

Clinton had made Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop" his campaign theme song. He also requested them to perform it at the Inauguration Ball was met with enthusiasm by the band, however this line-up had no intention to reunite again. 

He was also the only president to be elected twice without winning the popular vote in each election.

President Clinton was the second President to be impeached. Congress impeached Bill Clinton because he lied under oath while testifying about his involvement with Monica Lewinsky.

Bill Clinton, 1993.
Credit: Library of Congress
(Click for larger image.)

Storytelling by celebrities and Clinton's welcoming remarks cyber cast over the Internet were innovations added to the traditional Easter Egg Roll on April 13, 1998.

Clinton took home the 2004 Grammy's for Best Spoken Word Album for Children. He did this along with Mikhail Gorbachev and Sophia Loren for their narration on the Russian National Symphony's "Wolf Tracks and Peter and the Wolf". Then in 2005, he won the Best Spoken Word Grammy" for the audio book of "My Life".

His wife, Hillary, was the first wife of a president to attain elective office herself. She was elected to the U.S. Senate.

Clinton is the only president to have his wife run for president.

Bill Clinton sent only two e-mails during his presidential term.

President Clinton and former President George H. Bush worked tougher on international and domestic relief efforts.

Quotes from President Clinton:

"I want a leaner, not a meaner government." –Bill Clinton 

"The best social program is a good job." –Bill Clinton 

"Being president is like running a cemetery: you've got a lot of people under you and nobody's listening." –Bill Clinton 


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