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Key Dates

1776 As a Lieutenant in the colonial army, Monroe crossed the Delaware River with Washington.

1790 Monroe was elected to U.S. Senate

1794 Washington appointed Monroe as a mister to France.

1803 Monroe helped negotiate the Louisiana Purchase.

1811 Madison appointed Monroe Secretary of State.

1816 Monroe was elected President.

1818 General Andrew Jackson invaded Spanish Florida and U.S. and Great Briton agreed to joint control of the Oregon Territory.

1819 Economic depression struck the nation.

1820 Missouri Compromise was passed.

1823 The Monroe Doctrine is announced.

1830 Elizabeth Monroe died.

1831 James Monroe died.

James Monroe
1817 - 1825

Fifth President James Monroe was born in Westmoreland, Virginia before the US became a country. He was born on April 28, 1758. He was a second cousin of Zachary Taylor.

He was one of seven Presidents from Virginia.

James Monroe was an Episcopalian.

He was 6' tall.

Monroe started college at age 16. He attended the University of William and Mary.

Monroe served in the American Revolution. He was wounded during the war.

Elizabeth Kortright married James Monroe in February of 1786. She was seventeen.

James Monroe was the first president to wear long pants. All of the other presidents had wore knee breeches.

James Monroe, as Secretary of State for Jefferson, helped negotiate the purchase of Louisiana territories.

President Monroe was the first President who had been a US Senator.

James Monroe is best remembered for the Monroe Doctrine. John Quincy Adams was very influential in forming the policy.

The White House was still being rebuilt when he became president. On January 1, 1818, the president and his wife held a public reception marking the reopening of the White House. The White House was painted white the year Monroe became president.

Monroe was the first President that was inaugurated outdoors.

James Monroe's Vice President was Daniel D. Tompkins (1817-1825).

James Monroe was President during the First Seminole War, 1817-1818.

Monroe signed the Adams-Onis Treaty. In it Spain ceded Florida to the U.S. John Quincy Adams negotiated the treaty.

Monroe supported the colonization of Liberia. He wanted to return the slaves to Africa. The country appreciated his support and named the capitol of Liberia after him, Monrovia.

James Monroe ran unopposed for his second term.(1820) He received 231 of 235 electoral votes. Three electors abstained and (rumor has it) one voted for John Quincy Adams so no one besides Washington would be elected unanimously.

Monroe's daughter was the first bride in the White House.

Monroe had several pets while in the White House. He had sheep dogs and a black spaniel that belonged to his granddaughter.

James Monroe was the first president to ride a steamboat.

In the election of 1820, Monroe received every electoral vote but one. A New Hampshire delegate wanted Washington to be the only president elected unanimously.

As a result of the Missouri Compromise, Maine and Missouri were added to the United States while Monroe was President.

He became president after more than 40 years of public service. Long public service made him a poor man, and in 1830, he was forced to move in with his daughter. He died there on July 4, 1831.

He was the last president to wear a whig. He was also the last president to wear short pants.

He was the third of five presidents to die on the Fourth of July. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died five years before. Monroe died of heart failure.

James Monroe is buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Va. He was 73 years and 67 days old.


"Attacks on me will do no harm, and silent contempt is the best answer to them" April 29, 1808

"In this great nation there is but one order that of the people."


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