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Mississippi Trial 1955
Chris Crowe

Civil Rights Post 1955
Jim Crow

Being an Author
by Sameerah

Chris Crowe is best known for his books Mississippi Trail 1955 and Getting Away with Murder. Both are about the murder of Emmett Till. Chris Crowe has written many reviews for young adult literature. He writes books for teenagers both nonfiction and fiction. He also writes poetry, essays, and articles. When Chris Crowe was younger he wanted to be an author but he wasn’t focus on writing. His writing wasn’t that great when he was younger. Eventually he let his school sports take up most of his writing time throughout his high school years and his dream of being an author faded away. When Professor Crowe turned 24 he went back to writing with the help of his wife’s family. He started writing an article that was published the same year. After that he started working hard on his writing and started getting more articles published, a few essays, some poems, and a lot of books. Here are a few names of other books that Chris Crowe has written: Two Roads, Fatherhood, Football, and Turning Forty, Presenting Mildred D. Taylor, Thurgood Marshall: Up Close and his new book that is coming out in January 2012 called Just as Good. Chris Crowe's favorite authors are David Macinnies Gill and Kathryn Stockett. Today Chris Crowe is an author living in Utah writing books for teenagers to read.

Books by Chris Crowe

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