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Events from 1863 to the Murder of Emmett Till

(See below for the Timeline of events.)

1863 The Emancipation Proclamation

The Events between the Civil War and the Murder of Emmett Till
By Chanel

The 1900’s were dark times. The events were unimaginable. All the way from lynchings and being crudely murdered for “whistling” at a white woman to being arrested for standing on the corner for too long. The South was a bad place even before Emmett Till arrived in Money, Mississippi. The hatred between the blacks and whites was just spiteful. The white people treated blacks differently, and the whites were disrespectful. The South was not a good place for blacks to live. Everyone would possess a bitterness within themselves that made no one feel welcome. In the North, they treated everybody a bit more equally. The North had fought against the South for the freedom of slaves. The North won, and the South still wouldn’t change. It had taken two years of civil war for the Emancipation Proclamation to be delivered by Abraham Lincoln.


            This is an image of the lynchings that happened in the south.  

http://exequy.wordpress.com/2011/01/01/lynching/  (for image)

Timeline 1863-1955
By Cassidy

1863- Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation

1865-US constitution abolishes slavery throughout the country

1870- The 15 amendment passed giving the right for black men to vote.

1874- Democrats win control of both houses of Congress

1879- Blacks migrated from the Southern states to Kansas

1882- Society struggles that the immigration of blacks to Africa is the answer to slavery.

1896- Supreme courts choice holds that the racial discrimination is essential.

1905- Movement is arranged in part as a protest. Niagara movement entwines a more radical advent.

1909- The NAACP was founded in New York

1914- Marcus Garvey authorized The Universal Negro Improvement Association. It was to demur against lynching, Jim Crow laws, denial of black voting rights, and racial discrimination.

1920s- The Harlem Renaissance was made in the 1920s-1930s, it was a cultural movement. It was also called the “New Negro Movement”.

1931- Nine black men were accused of raping two white women. There wasn’t enough evidence but they were still denounced to death. In the third trial four of them were freed, and five of them were to go to prison for a long time.

1947- Jackie Robinson is signed to The Brooklyn Dodgers becoming the first black baseball player.

1952- Malcolm X becomes a minister of The Nation of Islam. Over several years he becomes one of the two most powerful members of the Black Muslims.

1954- Brown vs. The Board of Education says the racial isolation illigiment. 

1955- Rosa Parks Refuses to give up her seat on the bus.






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