Emmett Till

Mississippi Trial 1955
Chris Crowe

Civil Rights Post 1955
Jim Crow

The Conflict in Education
By Jordan

The educational history for African-Americans before 1955 was very bad. Very few people went to school back then. Most people learned from their parents. Before 1955 most blacks could not read and write. That was a big problem for the black people back then. For the black children that went to school it was not much different. They mostly went to school in old abandoned houses and had very few supplies such as books, paper, and many other supplies. Most the kids never learned how to count or learned all their letters. In 1890, Bowdoin College, the first Black college was established.


  Back in the early 1900s there was a lot of segregation in the South and the North, but in the South, segregation was a big thing. Segregation is when people of the same race must go to the same school. Blacks and white were always separate and never went to school together. They were not allowed to shop in the same store or use the same things such as water fountains. Even the communities were segregated. When it came to the North, segregation was more subtle. Blacks and whites lived in the same communities, but they necessarily did not go to the same school

This is a picture of three white boys saying they
won’t go to school with blacks


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