Emmett Till

Mississippi Trial 1955
Chris Crowe

Civil Rights Post 1955
Jim Crow


We have constructed a website based on the murder of Emmett Till. This website is to help you understand segregation. We constructed a page on Professor Chris Crowe, author of Mississippi Trial, and Getting Away with Murder. We have assembled pages about Civil Rights Pre-1955 and Post-1955. With it is a page about the Jim Crow laws. The last page identifies significant events of the journey that African-Americans took from 1863 to present day. Everyone who helped make this site possible wishes that you enjoy our website and find it useful to you.

Created by the students at Mount Clemens Junior High in Mount Clemens, MI. We would appreciate any comments you would like to make about our site. It is a work in progress.

The students have included citations from their research in each section and on our citations page.

The students still need to:

  • Proofread and correct the content.
  • Add personal reflections
  • Link key words to outside sources
  • Complete other small details to enhance the site.

You are welcome to make suggestions to the students on our comments page.

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