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Study Guide Quesions- Reflective Questions - Trials - Federal Investigations

Getting Away With Murder
Informational book by Chris Crowe on the murder of Emmett Till

Study Guide Questions
By Brandon M.

Emmett Till, Gone With a Trace

Mississippi Trial 1955

Chapter 1

Question 1: It shows that grandpa is a racist man. Do you think he will show more of his racist side in the chapters to come? If so why do you think that?

Question 2: After Hiram helped and talked to the African field-hand, his grandpa got mad at him for it. Do you think Hiram will follow in his grandpa’s footsteps and be racist, or will he be a man who believes in equality? Explain.

Question 3: Hiram’s dad hates the word hate. Why do you think his dad felt that way about that word?

Chapter 2

Question 1: Why would Hiram go fishing with R.C knowing he was so mean and that he could hurt him? Do you think it was because of fear? Explain.

Question 2: Why would R.C be so cruel to older mentally-challenged men? Does he not care about anyone but himself? Explain.

Question 3: R.C had stabbed and poked a fish’s eye out at the end of the chapter. Based on this, what type of person do you think R.C is?

Chapter 3

Question 1: In Chapter 3 Hiram had found out his grandma had passed away. What would you do if you were in Hiram’s shoes. How would you feel? Explain.

Question 2: Why do you think everyone assumes that Hiram likes Naomi? Do you think that Hiram likes Naomi? Why or why not? Explain.

Question 3: Now that Hiram’s grandma is gone, how do you think it will affect grandpa with her not being around anymore?

Chapter 4

Question 1: Hiram’s dad was making him move away from his grandpa. Why do you think Harlan won’t let Hiram stay with his grandpa when his grandpa has raised Hiram for practically his whole life? Explain.

Question 2: Why do you think that Hiram’s mom thinks that if Hiram goes to see his grandpa it might soften Harlan and Hiram’s heart?

Question 3: Why do think that Harlan tried to stall Hiram’s trip to Mississippi as long as he could?

Chapter 5

Question 1: Why does Hiram say that "Mississippi is where he belongs?"

Question 2: What does Ruthanne do for grandpa when she’s at his house?

Question 3: What was the name of the man who owns the shop down in Money? Explain what type of man he is.

Chapter 6

Question 1: What is the main illness Grandpa has that keeps him in pain and not being able to do much?

Question 2: Why do you think Hiram helped Emmett when he was drowning knowing his grandpa didn’t like him associating with black people?

Question 3: Why is Grandpa so generous towards letting a lot of people use his truck?

Chapter 7

Question 1: Why do you think Grandpa doesn’t want to go to the fields that he owned which he hasn’t been to in a long while?

Question 2: Do you think Mr. Paul changed Hiram’s opinion about racism? Explain.

Question 3: Why do you think Hiram is so eager to see Naomi when he feels that Naomi won’t remember him?

Chapter 8

Question 1: Why do you think R.C is so cocky about himself when he basically never accomplished anything in his life?

Question 2: Why do you think Hiram agreed to go fishing with R.C? Do you think it was so R.C wouldn’t keep Naomi from him? Why or why not?

Question 3: Why do you think R.C was so mean and cruel to Emmett when he was taking something that was given to him?

Chapter 9

Question 1: Hiram is upset, and Grandpa knows it. So Hiram tells him what is wrong. Hiram feels bad for the African boy R.C was torturing, but Grandpa wants him to know that there are no friendships between the white and coloreds. Why doesn’t Grandpa just give up and let Hiram follow his own beliefs?

Question 2: Why do you think Grandpa kept telling Hiram not to testify at the trial?

Question 3: Even though Hiram hasn’t seen Naomi in awhile, why does he think he can open up to her?

Chapter 10

Question 1: In Chapter 10, a Negro kid goes missing. Hiram figures out that it's Emmett. Why didn’t Hiram stick up for Emmett when he was being tortured at the lake since he cared so much about Emmett?

Question 2: Hiram said he dreamt about him and his dad fishing together. Do you think that Hiram wants to do more stuff like fishing with his dad? Explain.

Question 3: Do you think that Hiram’s father will be worried when he hears Hiram has to stay in Mississippi? Explain.

Chapter 11

Question 1: In Chapter 11, Emmett’s body has been discovered in the Tallahatchie River. Hiram wonders if R.C was involved in the murder. Is he? Explain.

Question 2: How do you think Hiram felt when he saw they had found Emmett’s body in the Tallahatchie River?

Question 3: Where do you think R.C went after Emmett's body was found?

Chapter 12

Question 1: In Chapter 12 it says, “That doesn’t give R.C and those two men the right to murder him.” Grandpa knows that any murder is wrong, but still thinks whites are better than blacks. Why? Explain.

Question 2: Why do you think Naomi didn’t want Hiram testifying in the trial?

Question 3: Why do you think Hiram believes that R.C has something to do with the murder?

Chapter 13

Question 1: In this chapter Hiram promises Naomi that he won’t go to the trial and say anything about R.C. If Hiram did say anything about R.C, how would it affect Naomi’s family?

Question 2: Why do you think Naomi didn’t want Hiram walking her home? Why do you think she felt that way? What might’ve happened?

Question 3: Do you agree with Hiram for going through with the trial and testifying?

Chapter 14

Question 1: How do you think Hiram feels being one of the only whites in the trial possibly testifying?

Question 2: Why do you feel Grandpa was so nervous during the trial?

Question 3: Why do you think they would not use the death penalty in this trial for the alleged murderers?

Chapter 15

Question 1: Why do you think Uncle Moses didn’t try to stop the people that were kidnapping Emmett like it said in the newspaper?

Question 2: Why do you think Grandpa was trying so hard to get rid of his truck?

Question 3: Do you think racism affected the trial?

Chapter 16

Question 1: Why was Grandpa so awful looking and pale after the trial? Explain your answer.

Question 2: Why do you think Hiram believed Ronnie when he said Grandpa had something to do with the murder?

Question 3: Grandpa had admitted he’d been there when they hurt Emmett. He said he’d left before they killed him. Do you believe Grandpa left before they killed him? Why or why not?

Chapter 17

Question 1: Why do you think Hiram needed to talk to Naomi so badly in the beginning of the chapter?

Question 2: Do you think that after all this stuff happened in Mississippi, Hiram will want to go back?

Question 3: It says something good could happen from this trial. What good could come from this?

Our Subtitle Is A True Story Of A Tragic Murder.

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