Classroom Uses for a Digital Images

There are literally hundreds of ways to use digital images in your classroom of school. Use your imagination and have fun. On this page I will list some ideas I have used in my class as well as ideas I have gathered from conferences and from the web. If you have an idea or a web page with ideas for using a digital camera in education send it/them to me and I will include them on this page.
  • Careers - Have students dress up as what they want to be when the grow up. Use the images in their career reports.
  • Sequence - Take pictures of the students' day and have the class put them in proper order.
  • Careers - Assign students to take pictures of the various types of employees in your school. Have the students interview the person and write a description of their job. Don't forget your principal or superintendent. They'll love it.
  • Newsletter - You your images and set a goal of including every students picture in one issue during the school year. Remember that a group picture can cover several students. Keep a list to remind you who hasn't been included.
Web Sites:
  • Classroom Management - take a picture of where your students sit in the classroom. Attach the photo(s) to your seating chart for the substitute teacher.
  • Classroom Management - Take pictures illustrating your classroom and school rules. Show how the positive behaviors.
  • Classroom Management - Illustrate the physical growth of young students by taking a picture of the group every month to show how they are getting taller. A brick wall or a large chart next to the group will illustrate the growth. (You could have the class find the average height of the entire class each month.) (Charts and Graphs).
  • Classroom Management - Moving equipment and not sure you remember what was plugged in where. Take pictures of the back of the equipment showing where the wires go.
  • Classroom Management - Take pictures of the best projects students create each year to show future students what a good project looks like.
  • Writing - Take pictures on your next field trip. When you return to the classroom have groups of students write descriptions of the pictures and what that part of the field trip.
  • Writing - Give students a variety of images and have them select one image to include as an illustration in one of part of their story.
  • Writing - Take a picture of each student. Print a copy. Have the students write a short Who Am I story about themselves.
  • Writing - Have students write a how to essay with images to illustrate each step.
  • Art - Have students take a picture of themselves and then have the create a CD Cover for their first musical hit.
  • Science - Have the students use the animation tools in PSE to create animations to illustrate a scientific principal.
  • History - Have the students use the animation tools in PSE to create animated maps to show how countries changed over time or the routes of explorers.
  • Science - Have students take pictures of the science activities and then have them create a poster or PowerPoint showing all of the steps.
  • Science - Take pictures of clouds for your science lesson on weather.
  • Science - Take a picture at the same time in the morning and evening (some cameras can mark the time and date) to illustrate how the time of sunrise and sunset changes during the school year.
  • Sharing - What is unique about your community or region? Have the students discuss this topic.
    Take the pictures and then share them with other students around the world by posting them on Pics for Learning dot Com.
  • Social Studies - Discuss your community and its landmarks. Take a class tour and take pictures of your town. Have the students write about the landmarks.
  • Social Studies - Have students use the draw and shape tools to create a map of their community.


Marilyn Western, MACUL Newsletter, Sept.- Oct. 2001

If you don't have Photoshop Elements, the next best thing is Picassa. Picassa is a great free program from Google.

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