Making Adjustments Using Quick Fix

The Quick Fix Dialogue Box can be accessed when you open Elements, through the Tool Bar, or from the Enhance Menu.

As shown above you can use Quick Fix to adjust Brightness, Color Correction, Focus, or Rotate. When you choose one of the radio buttons on the left you will be given additional options in column two. You can make multiple adjustments to the same image. In most menu items you will have the option of choosing the auto function or using the slider bar to adjust the setting on your own.
Sample and Practice Files 
1. When you choose one of the automatic functions each time you click the Apply Button that correction is applied. So if you choose Auto Color and click apply and your image improves, but is not quite right, try clicking Apply a second time.
2. Use the Undo Button if you get a result you don’t like.
3. Using Focus-this seems odd but using the blur option will sometimes make your image seem to be better focused. It blurs some of the small imperfections and lines and makes it look much better. You can always click the Undo Button if you don’t like the results.
4.  The Reset Button will remove all changes you have made to the image and return it to its original state.
5.  All of the adjustments you can make under Quick Fix can be done individually using the tools under the Enhance Menu.
6.  You can make adjustments to a section of an image by selecting it before you choose Quick Fix or any other adjustment.
7.  Also see the section on enhancing your images for more information on improving your image.


If you don't have Photoshop Elements, the next best thing is Picassa. Picassa is a great free program from Google.

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