Web Sites on Photoshop Elements

My Janee
Outstanding tutorials on using Photoshop. Janee has marked several of the tutorials as being able to be done in Photoshop Elements as well as Photoshop. In the tutorials, she points out what steps are different if you are using Elements instead of Photoshop. These tutorials are for moderate to advanced users.

Jay Arraich's Photoshop Elements Tips
Scroll down to the gray section for the tutorials. This is a very extensive collection of tutorials.
Some of the files are zipped PDF files and will need to be downloaded
Tips & Tricks from Wacom the makers of Wacom Tablets.
They have two easy to follow tutorials that you might use or use the techniques to create your own project.
Your Invitation Card "On Street"
Happy Wedding Anversary II
This site has several tutorials and tips on editing digital images. Only a few of them focus on Elements. However, the site is worth looking at for new ideas.
A great collection of images for in schools.
If you have or know of a website you think we should include here send the URL to jim@classroomhelp.com.


If you don't have Photoshop Elements, the next best thing is Picassa. Picassa is a great free program from Google.

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