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Jim Crow Laws in Alabama
By Austin


Examples of Jim Crow laws:

1865: Marriages between races will cause penalties

1867: Marriages between races isn’t allowed. Fines from ranging from $100 to $1000

1875: Separate schools for black children

1878: Follow the law of 1875

1891: The railroad cars must have separate cars for black and white passengers unless coming from state where it isn’t illegal. If a black person is found to be sitting in the wrong place he/she will be fined $100. If the railroad company does not enforce the law, they will be fined $500 and the conductors will be fined $100.

1901: Separate schools for the different races are required. No other race is allowed in another races’ school

1911: Black and white people can’t be in the same jail cell

1915: White woman nurses can’t help black men

1927: All schools are segregated

1928: Marriage between races is considered a crime

1928: Anyone with black blood relatives is considered black

1928: Anyone from a different race isn’t allowed to use same toilets, hotels, and restaurants

1940: Black and white criminals can’t sleep in same cell

1945: Separate waiting rooms for purchasing bus tickets

1955: Segregation on public transportation

1957: No children are allowed to go to a place that is racially mixed

            The Jim Crow Laws in the state of Alabama were cruel to anyone that was affected. The state laws were very similar to the laws in Mississippi. The first Jim Crow law was written in 1865. The jail time for breaking these rules was bad for many people that broke a law. The first Jim Crow law written in this state was written in 1865.  Now Jim Crow laws are not in existence as a result of being declared unconstitutional.

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