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Jim Crow Laws of Louisiana
By Shaylan

1868: Blacks and whites are not to have different schools.

1869: The passenger trains are not segregated

1870: People can marry whoever they want

1873: All people can use anything in Louisiana no matter of race

1894: Different passenger trains are for blacks and whites

1898: Schools are to be segregated

1908: Interracial marriage is prohibited

1908: Blacks and whites cannot purchase goods on the same premises.

1921: Black and Negroes are not to live in the same neighborhoods.

1932: Blacks and whites are to not live in the same apartment building.

1942: Blacks and whites are to have the same things in an old age home but not have the same building

1951: Interracial adoptions are forbidden

1956: Blacks and whites are not to compete in recreational events on the same premises

1956: Whites and Negroes who work in the same place are to have separate bathrooms

1956: Public parks are to be segregated to “protect the public’s health, morals, and peace in the state of Louisiana and not because of race”

1958: All blood donated was to be labeled “Caucasian”, “negroid”, or “mongoloid” to indicate race of donor.

1960: The races of candidates are to be designated on the ballot.


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