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How Jim Crow Laws Affected People
By Donise

Jim Crow Laws were created in the late 1800s and lasted until the 1960s.Jim Crow Laws were made to keep the African-Americans and Mexicans apart from Caucasian (white) people. They felt that African- Americans and Mexicans were not equal to them when it came to the rights they had. These laws prohibited certain things such as intermarriage, housing, burial, and even education. Many people were hurt during this time because they wanted to stand up for what they believed in. This time caused many people heartache and pain.Tthey felt things must change. Jim Crow Laws caused many states to have conflicts between Caucasian (white), African American, and  Mexican.

Because of Jim Crow Laws:

  • In Georgia the officer in charge couldn’t bury or let any colored people be buried on the same burial ground as whites
  • In Missouri it was against the law for black children to go to white schools ,or any white children to attend a black school
  • In South Carolina no parent ,relative, or other white person in the state that has custody of any white child can put them in the custody ,control ,or support of a black person
  • In Florida there must be separate buildings for juvenile delinquent boys, one for white and one for blacks
  • In Arizona if a Caucasian(white) person is to marry an African-American ,Mongolian, Malay ,or Hindu person it will not be legal
  • In Georgia it’s against the law  for African-American people to use any park owned or maintained by the city for white people. A Caucasian(white) person can use any park owned or maintained by the city for African-Americans.

Examples of Jim Crow Laws

  • In Alabama it is against the law to manage a restaurant or other place for serving food where Caucasian(white) and African-American are served in the same room. White and black people must be separated by a solid wall extending from the floor upward to at least seven feet or higher unless there are separate entrances for each compartment of the building.
  • In Louisiana any person who wants to rent any part of any building to a negro person or a negro family when the building is already filled with a white person or white family(vise versa),will be guilty of misdemeanor and will be fined no less than $25.00 and no more than $100.00 or go to prison for not less then 10 days but no more than 60 days, or both may happen depending on the ruling of the judge.

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