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Jim Crow Laws in Kentucky
By Katelyn

  • Miscegenation was considered a felony.
  • Blacks and whites had separate schools.
  • Black children couldn’t attend white schools.
  • Railroads were to provide equal but separated rides for colored people and white people.
  • Blacks and whites couldn’t attend the same school.
  • Waiting rooms were equal, but separate for blacks.
  • Taxis were separate for blacks, but provided the same service.
  • Blacks and whites could not buy alcohol in the same store.
  • During a circus, they had to provide two ticket offices, two ticket sellers, and two entrances.
  • Blacks and whites couldn’t live with each other
  • Blacks had separate textbooks than whites
  • When renting an apartment, you could not rent an apartment from someone of opposite race.
  • In certain cities, separate libraries were provided for blacks.
  • In hospitals, a black had to have a black nurse.
  • Public parks, recreation centers, playgrounds, etc, were segregated.
  • All public schools were segregated.
  • When voting, you had to put your race on the ballot.



Resources: http://www.jimcrowhistory.org/scripts/jimcrow/insidesouth.cgi?state=Kentucky

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