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Jim Crow Laws in North Carolina
By Katelyn

Information from: http://www.jimcrowhistory.org/scripts/jimcrow/insidesouth.cgi?state=North%20Carolina

·      Blacks and whites could not get married, along with blacks with Indian descent the third generation.

·      Whites and blacks were to be taught in separate schools.

·      Railroads could be used by both blacks and whites, but in separate cars. (Doesn’t apply to streetcars)

·      People of black descent to the third generation were considered “colored.”

·      No person with “Negro blood in their veins” could attend a school for the white race.

·      In hospitals, blacks had to be accompanied by a black nurse to care for them.

·      Miscegenation was not allowed. Miscegenation was considered a felony

·      Seats on buses were segregated by race, along with mental hospitals and prisons.

·      Black troops could not be with white troops. Colored troops were under control of white officers.

·      At businesses, blacks had separate bathrooms.

·      Children were not forced to go to school with children of opposite race.

·      Cemeteries were segregated.

·      Blacks and whites couldn’t live in the same neighborhood.

Map of North Carolina 


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