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Jim Crow Laws of Georgia
By Shaylan

1865: People who give marriage licenses to an African-American and a white will be fined between $200 and $500. They can be put in jail for three months. They can receive both penalties.

1872: All schools are to be segregated. Violating schools will not receive money from the public school fund

1891: Blacks and whites are not to ride in the same passenger train.

1905: Blacks and whites have to have different parks.

1908: Blacks and whites have to have separate rooms in prison, eat different foods, and sleep in different beds

1925: Whites could not have a license to operate a billiards room where Negroes are allowed to come in.

1926: If you have 25% Negro blood in you, you are classified as a Negro

1927: No Negro barber can cut a white child’s hair if they are under the age of 14.

1928: If you want to vote, you have to fill out a form regarding your racial information.

1935: Blacks and whites are to have different mental hospitals

If you marry a person that isn’t the same race as you are, you will serve one to two years in prison.

You have to take a test and get 10 out of 30 questions right.



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